4 Essential Tips To Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Search

Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Use the following tips to help optimize your videos and make them more searchable on YouTube: Add Tags, Optimize Your Video Description, Change Your Default Thumbnail Image, Optimize For Keywords Using Closed Captions.

YouTube has over 1 billion users and every single day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video. SEO techniques can help your videos get found in this immense sea of content. Want to know how? Keep reading for some useful optimization tips for YouTube.

Add Tags

Add tags to help viewers find your videos on YouTube. Tags will help your videos show up in relevant search results, and also on videos that are similar to yours. On mobile, you can also tag your own video, or a video from another channel to explore related content.This information isn’t visible to other people who watch the video so make sure you use this feature for yourself.

A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your video with other similar videos. Adding tags to your video is useful for helping people find your video on YouTube.

Does your content include questions that people ask you often? Here’s an easy way to respond: create a new video that answers the question and add tags so your viewers can find it.

Optimize Video Description

It’s not just the video but also the video description that matters. A video without an optimized video description is as good as being lost in a crowded jungle. Optimizing video description in youtube videos help you to get more search engine results for the video.

It will also help to get more likes, comments, and views for the video as we use descriptions properly.

To drive search traffic to your video, use 1-2 keywords that best represent your content. Include these in your video description (initial two sentences) and title to boost its chances of ranking in searches by potential viewers.

I don’t generally encourage imitating your competition, it’s highly advised when it comes to keywords! Use metadata to get into YouTube’s’suggested video’ algorithm – it’s generated based on videos that viewers would be interested in watching next (aka yours!). According to Jeff Richards, Head of Content, while you write, explore popular videos on the same topic and use some related keywords’ from those descriptions in your own.

Choose Your Thumbnail Image

Choosing a Thumbnail in a Youtube video might be overlooked by some people, but this is one of the critical part in optimizing a video.

Choose the right thumbnail image for your video. This can be one of the thumbnails that YouTube has autogenerated for your video, a custom image you choose, or a combination of both. Catchy and unique thumbnail is one of the reasons the audience click on your videos. It is also critical to avoid click baiting and audience with fake thumbnails to avoid a bad user experience. Good user experience is one of the main focuses of SEO today.

Optimize For Keywords Using Closed Captions

Finally, and this is most important – be sure to caption your videos. It’s up to you if you do it yourself or hire a service, but only captioned videos have the chance to rank in search results. YouTube displays captions as soon as they detect speech in your video, so make sure they are correct to help people understand what your video is about.

Optimize For Keywords Using Closed Captions is a technique that helps to optimize your online course for the right keywords in search results.

Allison Means, retail search expert and founder of Retail Search Insider, explains how to leverage closed caption titles and descriptions to optimize images for keywords. Captioning your images online is not only important for accessibility and inclusion, it’s also one more place to optimize your product description for search engines and specific keywords.

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